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News: Enneagram Course coming to St Peter's

An Enneagram adventure?

The Enneagram is a profound path of inner exploration towards an

understanding of ourselves and others.

It famously describes nine ways of being. Each of us has chosen one of these

ways and our choice makes a difference to how we travel through life; and the

nature of our strengths and struggles.

Over five weeks, you’ll be helped to discover the way you have chosen, which

may come as a surprise; and to live this way with more authenticity,

contentment and joy.

The Enneagram path might be rocky at times; before truth frees, it sometimes

unsettles. But like all soul journeys, it will be worth it.

Led by Simon Parke, we are delighted that an Enneagram Course will be offered at St Peter's over five weeks. Gathering together on Thursday evenings at 7pm, the group will be led by Simon into the Enneagram Journey.

Limited places available

Dates: 21st, 28th September, 5th, 12th, 19th October 2023

Cost: £40 for the course (bursaries available if cost is prohibitive)

Please email to book your place.

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