New Adventures for the New Normal

2020 has been a year of tearing up plans and among those plans the hardest to tear up were the plans we had for children and families in our parishes. Messy Church got cancelled, Muddy Church looked viable, then another lockdown happened and months have gone by without us being able to serve and have fun with the families in our communities.

This benefice is nothing if not creative and so we have come up with a new plan that will work within the guidelines and rules. We hope to offer families a series of events and activities which will be a mix of outdoors and online. The programme will adapt and evolve as the months and rules change and unfold but the common theme will always be adventure, wonder and wandering.

Families are invited to join our new Facebook page which will be dedicated to this side of our church life, and will be where we post news and updates as they happen.

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