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Changes to worship at St Peter's

Although the government restrictions have been eased, the Church of England

has guided Parish Priests and their PCCs to use their own local knowledge and

decision-making to make good decisions for their congregations. After much

careful deliberation and discernment, the East Blatchington PCC (Parochial Church Council) have resolved the following and hope that it will meet the varying degrees of risk, anxiety, and eagerness amongst the Body of Christ in this place. We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

1. The 5.30pm Saturday Mass will remain a COVID-secure Mass with all

restrictions remaining in place as they were. Those who feel anxious or cautious

are warmly invited to attend this Mass where they can be sure of things

remaining masked, distanced, stewarded and quietly attended.

2. The 9.30am and 11am Mass will be replaced, from 1st August, by a reunited

10am Mass, which will be livestreamed. At this Mass (and at the 8am) we are

removing the social distancing restriction but expect and ask that masks will

still be worn, sanitiser still used, and track and trace details still taken.

Removing social distancing means that you can sit wherever you like, with

whoever you like, and we can invite you all to return to the altar rail to receive

the Eucharist which will continue in one kind only for now.

3. We are not reintroducing congregational singing until we are sure that we can

do this safely and so we are going to have the choir back to help our musical

life. If you'd really like to sing then Angela would be delighted to welcome you

into the choir!!

4. BCP Evening Prayer will return at 6pm every Sunday (apart from the 1st

Sunday of each month). This will also be livestreamed.

5. We will review all that we are doing in early September and as soon as we are

more confident of our safety at St Peter's we will look to lift further restrictions.

Going gradually seems the most compassionate and Christian thing to do right now and we hope that you will support our efforts by continuing to wear your masks when at worship with us at St Peter's.

With best wishes

The Rector and East Blatchington PCC

July 2021

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