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A wonderful problem at St Peter's ...

Since we re-opened at the end of Summer we have been completely delighted to welcome a great number of people, a number which has been growing week by week. This weekend just gone, we have welcomed eighty-three parishioners across our four services. Some of these are new people and some of these are old friends.

Because of the Covid-19 restrictions we doubled our number of services, thinking this would be a temporary measure until restrictions (soon we thought) would ease. Fr Steven and Fr Martin helped us to cover the services in September and October along with Rev'd Arwen and Fr. Eric.

We've reached a point however where we may not have enough clergy to cover all the services, but because of our growth and the wonderful people coming together to pray, we can't cancel any of the services either! It is a wonderful problem to have.

For this reason, the PCC of St Peter's have today agreed to temporarily amend the schedule of services for November and December to occasionally include the beautiful service of Prayer Book Matins which will be led by Kay Blackburn (reader) or another authorised member of the leadership team. This is not a hardship as the Prayer Book service is a rich and beautiful liturgy which is thorough in it's theology and profound in its prayerfulness. (For those who would prefer to receive Communion, then there will be an open invitation to come to the 5.30pm service on the Saturday which will be a Eucharist every week which can be attended in place of or as well as the matins).

The proposed changes will be as follows and publicised on the bulletin and parish calendar:

8am - once a month Matins (all others Eucharist)

9.30am & 11.30am - once a month Matins (all others Eucharist) 5.30pm always Eucharist

About Matins:

Matins is a service of Morning Prayer which uses the 1662 Book of Common Prayer liturgy. It is beautifully written in old English, with poetic rhythm and powerful rhetoric. It is a jewel in the Anglican treasury of liturgy. Click here for more information or watch the 'how to video' below which explains the service and how it unfolds. (You will be clearly guided through the service at St Peter's)

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