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What is 'Mother's Union?'

Mothers’ Union is a Christian organisation that has been supporting families worldwide for over 140 years. Started by our founder Mary Sumner in 1876 in her local parish, we have grown into an international charity with over 4 million members in 84 countries. As an international Christian union, the MU was recently described by the Archbishop ofCanterbury as the ‘heart and love of the church’.

As a Christian membership charity, we demonstrate our faith in action. This happens as we work towards stopping poverty, stopping inequality and stopping injustice. Our members work at grassroots level around the world. They bring hope and practical support to millions of people every year through parenting, literacy and community development programmes.

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East Blatchington Branch 

Here in East Blatchington the branch has existed for many decades and usually gathers on the second Tuesday of each month (at 2pm) to share in fellowship and prayer, often raising money and awareness for international and national causes and needs.


These causes include a focus on literacy, parenting, and community development programmes for families at a localised level and yet also campaigning for changes at national and international levels – particularly on issues related to families and women’s rights.


Central to the network’s ethos is the importance of prayer as a transformative agent and the central expression of Christian support for the good works that the Mother’s Union carries out.

Marilyn Haydon is the Branch Leader and new members are always welcome.

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