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Changes to worship in the coming weeks.

Although the government restrictions have been eased, the Church of England has guided Parish Priests and their PCCs to use their own local knowledge and decision-making to make good decisions for their congregations. After much careful deliberation and discernment, the East Blatchington PCC have resolved the following and hope that it will meet the varying degrees of risk, anxiety, and eagerness amongst the Body of Christ in this place. We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

1. The 5.30pm Saturday Mass will remain a COVID-secure Mass with all restrictions remaining in place as they were. Those who feel anxious or cautious are warmly invited to attend this Mass where they can be sure of things remaining masked, distanced, stewarded and quietly attended.

2. The 9.30am and 11am Mass will be replaced, from 1st August, by a reunited 10am Mass, which will be livestreamed. At this Mass (and at the 8am) we are removing the social distancing restriction but expect and ask that masks will still be worn, sanitiser still used, and track and trace details still taken. Removing social distancing means that you can sit wherever you like, with whoever you like, and we can invite you all to return to the altar rail to receive the Eucharist which will continue in one kind only for now.

3. We are not reintroducing congregational singing until we are sure that we can do this safely and so we are going to have the choir back to help our musical life. If you'd really like to sing then Angela would be delighted to welcome you into the choir!!

4. BCP Evening Prayer will return at 6pm every Sunday (apart from the 1st Sunday of each month). This will also be livestreamed.

5. We will review all that we are doing in early September and as soon as we are more confident of our safety at St Peter's we will look to lift further restrictions. Going gradually seems the most compassionate and Christian thing to do right now and we hope that you will support our efforts by continuing to wear your masks when at worship with us at St Peter's.

With best wishes
The Rector and East Blatchington PCC

July 2021

St Andrew's

  • We have re-opened for Sunday worship at the times of 8am and 10.30am.

  • The Wednesday 10:00am service has also returned.

  • On Wednesdays we will remain open for private prayer between 10-12pm until further notice. 


St Peter's

  • Is  now open for private prayer on Mondays-Saturdays 9am-4pm and Sundays 12pm-4pm.

  • Public worship has resumed with a COVID-secure Mass with all restrictions remaining in place on Saturdays at 5:30pm

  • On Sundays at  8:00am,  and 10:00am (also live-streamed) social distance restrictions are no longer in force, but other measures (masks, use of sanitisers and track and trace) remain.

  • BCP Evening Prayer has returned at 6pm every Sunday (apart from the 1st Sunday of each month). This will also be livestreamed.

  • Breathing Space has re-opened at 6:00pm on Mondays.

  • Morning Prayer is on Facebook Live at 9.30am from Monday-Saturday and in church Mon, Wed, Fri and Sat. 7pm

  • Compline (Night Prayer) is on Facebook Live at 7.00pm daily

You can find more information about Breathing Space and helpful resources for private prayer by clicking here.


We ask all who enter church for private prayer or public worship to adhere to current restrictions on hand sanitation, distancing, face masks and socialising - even if they have received a vaccination.


God bless you all and please keep safe in these extraordinary and difficult times.


In this space we invite you to share in our worship and other activities as part of our friendly community. You can reach us through our social media sites as well as by email, telephone or by post.


Our United Benefice consists of two churches: St Peter's East Blatchington in Seaford and St Andrew's in Bishopstone.


We welcome those interested in holding life events in our churches, whether you are looking for a baptism, wedding or funeral.


We are currently holding shortened services in our churches as well as providing online services for those who can't yet return. 


We have recently been able to hold a number of very successful (and fun!) events.  With more to look forward to!


The safety and wellbeing of people in our parishes is an extremely important part of each of our parishes' missions. If you have any queries or concerns regarding the well-being of children or adults in this benefice please contact our Parish Safeguarding Officers:

St Peter's: Daphne Dempster - 01323 896306.

St Andrew's: Chris Jennings - SafeguardingSaintAndrews@gmail.com


Our Rector, the Reverend Arwen Folkes welcomes you to our community.

The Ninth Sunday after Trinity
Available from: 01.08.21 at 10:00am

Click below:

Here you can find our  prayer diary, please click on the PDF image below. Thank you to Christine and Pat for producing this for us!

July and August


If you would like to see the full monthly United Benefice calendar, please click here.

Pebble Beach

Open hearted, Open minded, Open to God,

Open to all.


There are a range of ways to support our churches financially and we are always grateful for your support.

To support St Andrew's:

Please click here to email the Treasurer or phone 01323 896567 to arrange cheque or a bank transfer. 



To support St Peter's:
We use PayaCharity to manage one-off online donations for St Peter's (click the donate link below) or you may contact the Treasurer for other ways.