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UPDATE from Seaford for Ukraine 3rd April
Good morning. You may be wondering what we have been up to since you registered your interest with us so we thought you might like an update on what's happening within the Seaford for Ukraine group

We are now in a quiet phase of work but that doesn’t mean that we’re doing nothing. Our focus for now is to create a safe and quiet arrival for the Ukrainian guests enabling them to arrive without fanfare, with plenty of space to breathe and settle.

Our work at this time includes:

  • Preparing and supporting hosts: whether underway with visas or waiting to sponsor. Providing information, support and encouragement. If you’re sponsoring we’d love to offer you some support, please just get in touch.

  • Collating and gathering all the information (so much information) that is needed to arrive safely and access support and services.

  • Working with our new and amazing local Ukrainian friends to create, translate, share and prepare vital information. Also to create with them the social space for building friendships and community, and identify priority support services.

  • Liaising directly with people in Ukraine or on the borders, who are seeking sponsors or trying to decide what to do.

  • Fundraising so that we can really help - e.g give children a new school uniform, pay for travel to interviews and work, buy other necessities as needed.

  • Ensuring that our colleagues in council, community and church are fully briefed, and are fully briefing us, then pooling resources where we can.


We want to thank you all for your offers of help and for your kindness and generosity. For the concerts and events being held to raise funds; for the private donations; the work of the community sector and our elected representatives; but most of all for the promise of welcome when people start to arrive.


We have all those offers in our database and your help may be needed in the coming months. For now keep checking our webpage for any updates.


We have attached information we got this week from ESCC and LDC councillors, which might also be of interest to you.


Lastly, have a look at the story in the link below. It provides an informative and powerful insight into one persons experience of hosting refugees: hosting refugees

UPDATE 22nd March 2022
The Steering Group met again last night and are able to publish the results of the recent report which shows that many households are preparing to offer accommodation. This report is now being taken to the Statutory Agencies, Community Groups, health and social care providers.


We have broken up the creation of the support network into different tasks and will be making contact with providers of help and support during these coming days.

Download the full report here:

Co-ordinating the Community Support

The community response to the displacement of Ukraine Nationals, has been amazing. We have noticed and appreciate the huge outpouring of generosity from our community to the need to provide accomodation and sanctuary for refugees fleeing the terrible war in Ukraine. Such a response and the possible uptake that it could produce, brings a need for some co-ordination, support services, and a need for joined up information. Therefore, local Church, community, and council leaders have formed a Steering Group to support our wider community in this welcome, and to provide the support and signposting that would be needed should the offers of housing be taken up. Watch this space ...

The Steering Group

Rev'd Arwen Folkes (Chair) St Peter's & St Andrew's

Jackie Arkwell, Rotary
Cllr Christine Brett, Lewes District Council
Adam Chugg, Clerk, Seaford Town Council
Jez Field, Life Church
Cllr Stephen Gauntlett, Lewes District Council
Carole Henderson, Community Member
Rev'd James Hollingsworth, St Leonard's & St Luke's
Cllr Olivia Honeyman, Quakers
Cllr Carolyn Lambert, East Sussex CC
Roger Lambert, Community Member
Rev'd Joe Padfield, St Peter's & St Andrew's
Andy Payne, Rotary & Lions

Ceri Robley, Seaford Baptist Church
as at 18th March 2022